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Blue Smoke

Our Ventures

Trust X Pay

A members only payments card.


Minted Claims

At Minted Claims, we specialise in providing expert assistance to individuals who suspect they might have been mis-sold car finance. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you navigate through the complexities and uncover if you're eligible for a refund. With a focus on transparency and your financial well-being, Minted Claims is here to guide you through the process of identifying mis-sold car finance and ensuring you receive the refund you deserve. Trust us to be your advocate in rectifying any potential financial discrepancies.



FinBix revolutionises the realm of fintech by offering a streamlined solution for reporting and reconciliation, simplifying intricate financial management tasks. This Ai tool is designed to make tracking financial data, generating reports, and ensuring precise reconciliation effortless and efficient for businesses of all sizes.


Blue Smoke

At M42, we are more than just a team of developers – we are your dedicated collaborators in transforming ideas into reality. With unwavering commitment, we breathe life into your concepts, working relentlessly to bring your vision to fruition. Our mission is simple: to ensure that your dreams find their true form, and to be the support you need at every juncture of your journey.



TelecomX redefines call center software by introducing a groundbreaking feature that not only optimizes calls but also intelligently manages voicemails, resulting in substantial cost savings. Our innovative technology ensures that every interaction counts, enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations like never before.


We are a full-service Amazon seller store management agency based in the UK. We will build, operate, and scale your store from the ground up, producing passive income with aggressive tactics. 

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